HORSE LOVERS UNITED, INC (HLU)NEWS AND VIEWS 2023Thanks to all the supporters, volunteers, people who have already donated money, time, and merchandise.  We cannot thank you enough! We currently have 3 Standardbreds that depend on HLU for monthly care. It is our mission to help as many equines as possible to have a better life.  If we cannot take a horse directly into our program, we will network to help find a home or rescue/sanctuary.   If a horse owner is temporarily in a bind, we will buy feed to help that owner be able to keep their horses.  If euthanasia is the only answer, we have accounts at several veterinarians in Maryland and Delaware.  Please call us before the situation gets too bad or text me at 443-397-7276.Like us on facebook: Horse Lovers United, Inc./ Armbro Dunbar member of Horse Lovers United Inc/ Standardbred Makeover Delmarva/  Options For Equines/ US Against Horse Slaugter for Horse Lovers  There are many needs in a rescue business.  We have feed and veterinary bills that need to be paid. Our horses need dental care @ $70 per horse. The farrier is needed every 6-8 weeks @ $50 per horse.  THANK YOU IF YOU CAN HELP WITH THESE NEEDS.  WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE.  WE ARE ESPECIALLY IN NEED RIGHT NOW; NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY BOARD BILLS.  WE NEED MORE HELP WITH FUND-RAISING! NEW IDEAS ARE NEEDED!Throughout the year, there are dozens of opportunities for HLU to set up a display at events like Third Friday in Downtown Salisbury.  If you can help with events like this, please let us know.  We need to get the word out that we exist and what we do. We also need people willing to create items that we can sell at these events.  We need people who can sew. We have Handmade tote bags & other items to sell, and lots of material.Please Adopt or Foster or Visit one of our horses who is without a home to call their own!  You can also sponsor for 1 month or longer.  $150 will cover expenses for one month for some of our horses.   Commit to only $10 per month.  Make this a gift to a friend and we will let them know and you can both visit the horse you choose.  Horses are in Salisbury, MD, &  Harrington, DE.Membership Rewards 

 All members showing their HLU membership card will receive discounts/specialoffers at these places: Layfield Vet Services – Princess Anne, MD-Discount on farm calls for adopted horses -443–397-7682 Farmers & Planters Too.- Salisbury,MD -Rewards available on Wednesdays-410-546-6234

Chicks Discount Saddlery -10% discount in store only; exceptions: gift certificates

Harrington, Delaware 1-800-444-2441 –Ask for Robin Fleming if necessary       PLEASE FILL THIS OUT AND MAIL TO: Horse Lovers United, Inc., P. O. Box 2744, Salisbury, MD. 21802--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name___________________________________________________Date_______________________Address__________________________________________________City___________________________________State____Zip_______Phone_____________________E-Mail_____________________________________________$10.00 Annual Membership_____$100.00 Lifetime Membership.  Memberships have rewards!______$___________Donation for general operating expenses______$___________Donation to sponsor a horse; please circle name of horse you are interested in: Star, Stewart, Tarzan.______$_________To feed hungry horses______$_________Euthanasia Fund______I will donate: services/merchandise_________________________________________I will volunteer to: ______________________________________________________I will do foster care for a horse__________Other______________________________I will contact my attorney for information on remembering HLU in my will______I am donating $_________ as a gift to_________________________________for their: birthday, anniversary, other______________________________We will send them a card letting them know how you remembered themPlease send me newsletters______Please send me a donation receipt______Please remove me from your contacts________We send self addressed envelopes with all our newsletters.  If you do not want to hear from HLU any more, text and leave me a message: 443-397-7276  or e-mail:    Thank you.Lorraine Truitt, President & Founder, HORSE LOVERS UNITED, INC FALL IS HERE AND IT BRINGS A LOT OF HOLIDAYS THROUGH THE REST OF THE YEAR. PLEASE, WHEN YOU ARE SHOPPING FOR HALLOWEEN, THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS AND THE NEW YEAR, THINK ABOUT OUR HORSES AND PURCHASE SOMETHING FOR THEM FROM OUR WISH LIST: GIFT CARDS FROM THESE BUSINESSES:FARMERS AND PLANTERS TOO-SALISBURY, MDCHICKS SADDLERY-HARRINGTON, DEBRYAN & BRITTINGHAM-DELMAR, DE.STAPLES-SALISBURY, MD.POSTAGE STAMPS-JIM BROOKS OF CONNECTICUT SAVES HIS LOOSE CHANGE UNTIL HE HAS ENOUGH TO BUY US A BOOK OF STAMPS. HOW ABOUT DOING THE SAME AND WE WOULD NEVER NEED TO BUY POSTAGE AGAIN!  We have lost quite a few horses the past couple of years: American Mac, Call the Tune, Constantin Twin, G Es Jordan, Justabootscootin, Mona's Love Tune, NiceThreads, Rick's Sweetie aka Maggie, Rising Ty, Ruthless Victor N, Township Dolly, and Von's Charmer, all since the beginning of January 2022. RIP