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Horse Lovers United Inc (HLU) was founded in August 1992, for the purpose of finding new homes for horses that were losing their home.  Ninety percent of these horses have been Standardbreds, because their value after racing has not been recognized fully by the general public.  All breeds are helped to the extent of our resources. 20,000 plus equines are sent to slaughter every year from the United States, because their owners do not want them any more.  In some cases, their owners have circumstances where they cannot keep them any more.  
How many horses went to slaughter in 2022?

Horses can't be slaughtered in the U.S., but there is no ban on slaughtering horses in the two contiguous countries. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that in 2022, more than 16,300 horses were shipped to Mexico to be slaughtered and that more than 5,100 horses went to slaughter in Canada.   Mar 22, 2023

It is our goal to help as many as possible, and to find solutions to stop horses from going to slaughter. Google "horse slaughter" to see graphic images of what horses go through. Horses have helped mankind throughout history. They deserve a humane end to life. Google "Horses Helping Inmates" and that is one solution to helping horses. If all horse lovers could join together and contact the officials in their state and do what you can to promote this idea. There are homes available in the general population, but it is sometimes hard to match the right horse with the right human. Other options for horses no longer wanted by their owners are therapy programs. There are all kinds; for disabled children & adults, veterans suffering from PTSD, individuals of all ages suffering from depression and more. There are most likely therapy programs in every state. There are always people looking for pleasure horses and sometimes even companion horses.
Every horse in this country, no matter how loved, is just one bad sale away from slaughter. To protect horses and the people who love and care for them, we must pass the Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act—federal legislation that would prevent the horse slaughter industry from reestablishing operations in the U.S. and prohibit the export of American horses for slaughter.
U.S. H.R. 3355/S. 2732—Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) ActASPCA Position: Support
Sponsors: Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) and Vern Buchanan (R-FL); Senators Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Susan Collins (R-ME)
SAFE Act Sign On Letter
Dear Chairman Pallone, Ranking Member McMorris Rodgers, Chairman Durbin, and Ranking Member Grassley:

We the undersigned are working together, as an alliance of # horse welfare organizations across the U.S. that support the equine community, to advocate for the passage of the SAFE Act, H.R. 3355/S. 2732, legislation to ban the slaughter of American horses for human consumption. This legislation has been referred to your respective committees, and we urge you to please move it to the House and Senate floors as swiftly as possible.

For nearly two decades, Congress has effectively banned horse slaughter within U.S. borders, but a loophole in the law still allows the export of American horses for slaughter, causing great suffering to those horses and disrupting and burdening the equine industry as a whole. Each year, thousands of American horses are purchased by foreign slaughter contractors and trucked over the border to foreign abattoirs, enduring extreme cruelty at every step of the journey. The transport and slaughter of these beloved animals are inhumane and wholly unnecessary. The SAFE Act would finally end this brutal practice. Every day that this legislation languishes in committee, dozens more American horses die a horrible death, and the hard work that we do in our communities to rescue horses from neglect, abuse, and abandonment becomes more challenging. Research published in 2017 revealed that over 2.3 million Americans have the willingness and resources to adopt these animals if given the chance. Additionally, a 2021 national poll found that 83% of American voters oppose this cruel industry.

Ending horse slaughter is especially important to us as equine welfare professionals because we know that too many equine owners who can no longer care for their animals are hesitant to surrender them for fear that they could end up in a slaughterhouse. The SAFE Act would permanently close the horse-to-slaughter pipeline and bring peace of mind to the equine community – and it would help us provide care much sooner for the horses who need it.

This Congress is running out of time to end the brutal slaughter of American horses. Please protect them by using your leadership roles to advance the SAFE Act out of committee and onto the House and Senate floors, so we can end horse slaughter once and for all.

Thank you very much for your consideration of this urgent matter.


Your Name, Title, Organization Name, City/County, State









EVERY MONDAY at New Holland there will be another horse sale. Lost souls let down by their owners, Standardbreds that didn't make the cut to possibly make it to freedom hall and sold to the Amish WITH NO PAPERS...tired Standardbreds that can no longer pound miles of asphalt pulling heavy buggies, work horses that have given their all for years and instead of retirement they get sent to slaughter....MANY ARE SENT TO SLAUGHTER AND SOME BOUGHT BY KILL BUYERS TO FILL THEIR SLAUGHTER TRUCKS OR POSTED ON KILL BUYERS PAGES FOR SALE. ANYONE CAN GO TO NEW HOLLAND AND RESCUE A STANDARDBRED OR OTHER BREED. THE ADDRESS IS 101 WEST FULTON STREET, NEW HOLLAND PA 17557
There are many more horse auctions. New Holland is one that is well known for the kill buyers to attend. Google: "horse auctions near me" "horse kill pens" to learn more, and help to save a horse.

I hope you are willing to put out some effort to end this cruelty to all equines Please e-mail and give me your ideas.   Call any time about anything concerning horses: 443-397-7276.  Other options:
USPS mail: P. O. Box 2744, Salisbury, MD, 21802. facebook pages: "Horse Lovers United Inc", "Options For Horses", "US Against Horse Slaughter", ""Armbro Dunbar member of Horse Lovers United Inc", "Standardbred Makeover Delmarva"
e-mail: <boxwood3684@comcast.net>
Please look for your representatives and senators and contact them and tell them you want something done about the cruel way in which horses are killed. Ask them if there are currently any bills pending to stop this. Ask them to please support any bills and to work to get them passed. Ask them about proposing a bill that states all unwanted equines must be euthanized humanely. Ask them to pass a bill that will classify all equines as companion animals.