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Thirty-one Years of Helping Horses. Time to have a Party. Horse Lovers United Inc. (HLU) was incorporated In August 1992, for the purpose of finding new homes for horses that were no longer wanted or useful to their current owners, as an alternative to being sent to slaughter. During these years, most of the horses helped have been Standardbreds or harness horses. Fortunately, many more people are finding out that Standardbreds can excel at other careers after racing. In fact, their talents are unlimited. For many years, HLU celebrated our anniversary by having a Night at the Races, and people came and enjoyed a dinner in the Clubhouse at the track, and a blanket was given to a winning horse of a selected race. Several adopters often brought their horses and led the post parades, to show off their horse’s new talents. Unfortunately, times have changed, interest has dwindled, as well as volunteers to help with such an event. HLU is asking you to help us celebrate by having a party for us, and help raise money for our two remaining sanctuary horses; Star and Tarzan! This can be any kind of party: birthday and you could ask guests to donate to HLU in your name; backyard barbeque, and guests could bring a gift/prize and do a silent auction, or guests could bring something to donate to HLU to sell. The possibilities are endless. One HLU supporter had a Unicorn party one year and turned her horses into Unicorns to the delight of the guests. Guests all brought prizes and they held a Silent Auction and sent the money to HLU. HLU would like to continue this tradition indefinitely as a way to help our sanctuary horses and celebrate saving the lives of hundreds of horses.

  • Date: 12/01/2023 18:13
  • Location To Be Announced